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The fascinating story of our family winery dates back to our great-grandparents, passionate about viticulture, who laid the roots of our winemaking tradition. However, it was in 1982 when Alejandro Pérez Martínez, with a visionary spirit, solidified and gave identity to our legacy by establishing our winery in Monóvar, Alicante.

Alejandro, a restless creator, took the reins of this family business and, with a deep love for oenology, decided to bottle his favorite wines. Through various vintages, he brought to life a careful selection that reflects his passion and dedication to winemaking.

Today, the winery is a joint project with his children, who share the same devotion to the vinicultural arts. Their commitment is to preserve the crafts inherited from previous generations, prudently incorporating the necessary technology to achieve the highest quality standards. The focus of the Pérez Martínez family is clear: to exceed consumer expectations, prioritizing excellence in every bottle, and always favoring quality over quantity.