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Wine craftsmanship since 1982
Alejandro Pérez

❝The best wine is made in the vineyard❞

Nestled in the essence of our winery, each of our wines tells the story of an obsession with excellence, from grape selection to careful presentation in every bottle. This journey of quality begins with the meticulous grape harvest, where each cluster is treated as a unique gem.

After delicately separating the grapes from the stems, they find their way into open stainless steel fermenters, where a transformational dance begins. Under strict temperature control, the grapes awaken, releasing fragrances and flavors that only nature can offer, culminating in the creation of exceptional wines.

Over 9 days, we perform daily pump-overs, a ritual that ensures perfect extraction. And when the process reaches its peak, we proceed to racking, transferring the liquid treasures to tanks while the skins, witnesses of this process, are manually deposited into the press.

We apply gentle and prolonged pressure during extraction, an art aimed at distilling the purest and most complex essence of our grapes. Once this crucial process is completed, we turn our attention to malolactic fermentation, controlling every detail to ensure the quality that distinguishes our wines.

It is at this point that our wines, already imbued with character and distinction, are prepared for the next stage of their evolution: aging in 225-liter barrels of the highest quality French oak. Each barrel becomes a sacred refuge where our wines mature, acquiring nuances and complexities that only noble oak can impart.

In our winery, quality is an unwavering commitment. Every bottle that emanates from our facilities is the result of boundless passion for the art of winemaking, an authentic expression of nature and elegance. We invite you to explore the culmination of our dedication in every sip, where quality becomes a tangible and unforgettable experience.

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