The winery

❝Designation of Origin Alicante❞

Traditional Elaboration

At Bodegas Alejandro, we take pride in our privileged location in Monóvar (Alicante), where our vineyards rise majestically to 650 meters above sea level, surrounded by imposing mountains that embrace our land. This unique environment, with its exceptional Mediterranean climate, is the soul of our winemaking.

Amid warm daytime temperatures and cool nights, our vineyards experience notable temperature swings that imbue our grapes with a unique character and unparalleled complexity. Low rainfall and gentle sea breezes complete this idyllic setting, creating optimal conditions for the cultivation of grapes of exceptional quality.

But it’s not just the environment that defines the excellence of our wines; it’s the art of achieving the perfect ripeness, which we consider one of our greatest secrets. At Bodegas Alejandro, we pursue meticulous balance that tames the rustic tannin of Monastrell, while preserving all its lush fruit and distinctive character.

Every bottle that leaves our cellars is the result of passion rooted in our family tradition and unwavering dedication to preserving the authenticity of our land. Every sip is a sensory journey through the landscapes and stories that shape our vineyards.

We invite you to discover the unique flavor of Bodegas Alejandro, where each glass is a toast to excellence, tradition, and life itself. Cheers!

Our History

The origin of our winery comes from our great-grandparents, dedicated to viticulture.

Bodegas Alejandro


Alejandro Pérez Martínez, is in charge of unifying the legacy and giving name to our winery.

Our land


We are located in the region of Medio Vinalopó, in the rural area called El Mañán, belonging to the town of Monóvar.

The Vineyards


The estate is home to the following varieties: Monastrell, Merseguera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Chardonnay.

The Harvest


The grapes are harvested late, starting in the first days of October and arriving in November.

The Elaboration


The grapes, separated from the stems, are placed in temperature-controlled open fermenters, where fermentation begins.

Our Identity


This is reflected in several elements such as: Family character, own vineyards, choosing the right moment of ripening and working with open fermenters.

Wines of the winery

The finest selection of wines.



Arbui is an exceptional wine crafted from 100% Monastrell grapes, carefully selected from compact and medium-sized clusters, harvested in mid-October. These grapes exhibit medium to high resistance to drought, resulting in a sweet and powerful flavor with hints of blackberry. This modern and robust wine is distinguished by its exceptional quality, notable for its considerable alcohol content and high level of tannins, achieving perfect harmony after aging for 15 months in French oak barrels.

The harvest takes place in vineyards planted in the “goblet” system, with meticulous manual selection of clusters and berries. The dry winter climate, with spring rains and a warm summer, contribute to the unique expression of this wine. During tasting, Arbui reveals an intense ruby color and a powerful flavor, accompanied by fruity and toasted aromas, enriched by mature tannins. With an alcohol content of 15% Vol., this wine offers an exceptional sensory experience that reflects its dedication to quality and tradition.


White Arbui

White Arbui is a high-quality white wine with Alicante Designation of Origin, crafted from Merseguera and Chardonnay grapes grown in very old vineyards planted in sandy soils. This exquisite wine undergoes a barrel fermentation process for 8 months on its lees, with Battonage, achieving a unique character.

With an alcohol content of 14% vol., White Arbui presents an attractive straw yellow color. On the nose, it dazzles with notes of ripe fruits such as mango, peach, honey, and hints of vanilla acquired during its time in the barrel. On the palate, it reveals a flavorful, balanced taste with excellent acidity, culminating in a long and intense finish.

This wine, ready to be enjoyed up to 2 years after its production, becomes the perfect choice to accompany dishes such as rice dishes, white meats, oysters, and seafood. It is recommended to serve at a temperature of 9°C to highlight its unique characteristics to the fullest. White Arbui is a sensory experience that will captivate wine lovers with its elegance and complexity.



Bilaire, a wine with deep roots in mineral and rocky lands, embodies great stories and people who have brought to life unique wines with character, nobility, and exceptional personality. This exceptional wine is crafted from 100% Monastrell, a variety that presents itself in tight, conical clusters with spherical, small berries of intense black color. The vines, of medium to high vigor and vertical bearing, ripen late, ensuring a moderate yield.

The crafting of Bilaire focuses on obtaining ripe musts to create alcoholic wines that reveal the maximum potential of the variety. This results in a well-structured wine, with low oxidizability and low acidity. During tasting, an intense ruby color is appreciated, with fruity aromas on the nose. On the palate, it stands out for its fleshy texture, low acidity, a long finish, and floral notes. With an alcohol content of 14.5% Vol., Bilaire is the authentic expression of the land and the variety that comprises it, inviting you to discover the richness of its unique flavors.


White Bilaire

White Bilaire, a wine that distills the essence of the mineral and rocky land from which it originates, is the result of great stories, people, and the creation of unique wines with character, nobility, and a marked personality. This white wine is made from the indigenous Merseguera variety, a Spanish grape resistant to drought and slow ripening.

The vineyards of White Bilaire are planted in the “goblet” system under natural conditions, using organic viticulture, and at an altitude of 600 meters in soils low in organic matter. Harvesting takes place in September, obtaining clean musts that ferment at 16 degrees.

With 4 months of aging in barrels, White Bilaire presents itself with a pale color and a straw-like appearance. On the nose, it unfolds light herbaceous and fruity aromas. On the palate, it stands out for its balance and excellent acidity, with an alcohol content of 13.5% Vol. This versatile wine pairs perfectly with pasta with sauce, rice dishes, seafood, fish, white meats, and soft or blue cheeses. Discover the richness and freshness of White Bilaire in every sip.


Arbui V·47

Arbui V·47, an exceptional wine under the designation “Alicante Singular,” stands out as an oenological gem. With an impressive alcohol content of 15.5° and crafted mainly from Monastrell grapes from vineyards over 47 years old, this wine reflects excellence in every sip.

Its distinction lies in being the first wine under the “Alicante Singular” denomination from the Regulatory Council of the Alicante D.O.P. Carefully crafted through manual harvesting, barrel fermentation, and 20 months of aging in high-quality French oak, Arbui V·47 offers magnificent fruity integrity, a picota red color, aromas of red fruits and blueberries, precise tannins, freshness, and a velvety texture.

This unique wine is more than a beverage; it is a sensory experience that captures the essence of very old vineyards and meticulous crafting process. Arbui V·47 is the testament to oenological excellence that only an Alicante Singular can offer.

Our essence resides in the countryside.